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August 24 day 1 Kristianstad/Everöd

Hello all Akka friends!

A special greeting to our supporters at V. Ingelstad's school who came to wave goodbye at Söderslätt airfield. Thank you to everyone else who is going to attend!

But unfortunately there was no flight today, Akka was fueled and everything was packed. Last night drew gale force winds and crash showers across southwestern Sweden, which made it impossible for us to fly.

We hope to make the trip across Skåne at the end of our journey instead.

This afternoon in Kristianstad, there are still fresh winds, stiff breeze. Let's see if it gets better tomorrow. Ted is busy making new calculations based on the weather forecast. The entire floor in our house is filled with maps, and small post it notes with alternative landing sites.

We have promised the schools some questions to work with during the project.

Question 1. There are different types of clouds, please discribe some.

2. Which is the strongest and the weakest kind of wind?

August 25 day 2 Kristianstad / Everöd


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Wed, August 25, 2020 7:08 pm


Today we send a greeting from the small village Everöd and Kristianstad Airport. The journey went no further than this today. It was so windy that the flagpoles were almost bent and we had to hold the caps so they would not be caught by the wind. Of course it was sad that we did not get away but we had such a nice visit ...

Around 10 o'clock, a school bus filled with curious children and teachers from Everöd's school came to wave goodbye. Now, instead, we spent a few hours showing them various aircrafts and answering questions.

The students were also given the opportunity to look at the airport's fire trucks.

Now Ted and I are hoping for soothing winds so we can get away tomorrow.

We promised to make a flyby over Everöd's school and wave from the air.

Now it was time for today's questions;

Question 1. How many landscapes are there in Sweden?

2. What landscapes border Skåne?

3. What is the name of the goose on which Nils rides?


August 26 day 3 Kristianstad / Everöd - Stockholm / Frölunda


Created by Christina Hagelborg Thu      , August 26, 2020 11:09 PM

Hello, yes the wind has calmed down and we left at 10. Just as we promised, we started flying over Everöd's school and said hello to our supporters. They were standing on the school yard holding a large Swedish flag. The airport employers also waved us off.

Then the journey continued north directly towards Jönköping. There are unbelievably large forests between Broby and Vättern! But we noticed traces of the storm named Gudrun's ravages with many fallen trees. The weather on the route was cloudy and a little windy, but cleared up in Jönköping. The island of Visingsö gleamed in the sunshine. But a little further north, there were large dark rain clouds.

Passing over Gränna made us long for the candy that is made there. Due to the weather we had to reroute and fly towards Linköping to refuel and stretch our legs.

Two hours and much rain later we were in the air again on our way to Skå-Edeby and then Frölunda airfield outside Stockholm. My skilled pilot navigated us between rain showers and low clouds and we were amazed over the drama the weather can convey.

At Frölunda, we were already welcomed in the air by flying friends from Swedish Ultraflyers, others waiting after landing, including our base captain Rebecca and

Tired and satisfied, we ended our first day of adventure and soon slept well!

Question 1 What is the name of the island located in Vättern?

2 . Gränna is situated on the coastline of lake Vättern. What candy is produced there?


August 27 day 4 Stockholm / Frölunda - Örnsköldsvik / Mellansel


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Fri, August 27, 2020 21:42


We left Frölunda airfield north of Stockholm in sunny weather just after 10 o'clock and were followed by a Eurocub from the flying club. Uppsala with its cathedral and castle made a significant silhouette.

Less villages, more and more forest followed, with small glittering elements of lakes. We read the map together and reflected over how many strangely named places we passed over.

The highlight of the morning was probably Ockelbo, a cute little community, surrounded by good hiding places for princes and princesses ...( Prince Daniel was born here)

After a lunch break we kept a speech in the local Rotary club in Bollnäs, then we continued towards Hudiksvall. Unfortunately, there were rain showers over the coastline, so we had to choose a different route than we wished.

The landscape changed character and became hilly, more forests,small lakes but also more cultivated land in the valleys. We passed Blacksås, a mountain where, according to Selma Lagerlöf, the animals had parlament meetings. After croosing the High Coast Bridge we went slalom between the bursts, constantly attracted by the coastline that is spectacular but we had to enjoy it from a distance.

Just south of Örnsköldsvik we turned west and ended that day's flight with (yet another) nice landing in Mellansel.

Question 1. How tall is the cathedral in Uppsala?

2. Tell about some more attractions in the same city.

3. Which landscapes do you think we have passed by today 

August 28 day 5 Örnsköldsvik / Mellansel - Luleå


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Sat, August 28, 2020 5:58 pm

The landing in Luleå in the end of the day felt very nostalgic, this was our home town30 years ago!

But we take it from the beginning; started from Mellansel 10.40 and planned to go up the coast towards Luleå. But no, rain showers made us choose the inland instead. But we started with a flight over Örnsköldsvik. I think we got there only one hour before the King of Sweden who would inaugurate the Botniabanan, the new railway north. A huge station building in the middle of town and with the jumping stadium right next door.

We steered along the Bothniabanan towards Umeå and passed through marshland and dense forests. Even today I scouted for moose but no one appeared, not even a fox.

The rain showers continued and from Umeå we went over more sparsely land to Skellefteå. Suddenly there was rain over the hinterland and we could go out to the coast as we wanted.

Throughout the country we noticed how people appreciate the proximity to water, so many cute little cottages and jetties we flew over today. The road up towards Luleå offered a lot of archipelago and the sky brightened just enough for the approach over Måttsundsbacken outside Luleå. When we saw the Bergnäs Bridge the pulse rose a little and we recognized our old hometown Luleå even though it was a long time since we were here. Ted steered over the central city before heading in for landing. After 3 hours in the air, it was nice to step out.

We were met by Norrbottenskuriren , the local newspaper, who wanted to take some pictures and of a dear old friend from the F21 era.

Tonight we fall asleep with a smile on our lips.

Question 1. What is the new railway inaugurated today?

2. Which city is called the Birch City and why ?

3. What is the airport in Luleå?

Ps We saw the first yellow leaves after passing Rosvik, autumn is on it’s way Ds










August 29 day 6 Luleå - Kiruna


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Sun, August 29, 2020 6:00 PM

Hello all of you who are following our journey!

We woke up in a rainy Luleå and went out to Kallax to prepare Akka for the flight. She was wet and cold. Then we headed out to the main track and got ready to start northwest towards Boden. The time was 10.20. We are so small and the track so big so it felt like we could start on the cross instead!

As we passed Boden we saw clearly some of the closed forts.

We flew along the river Lule älv and noticed that the cultivated pieces lay in narrow strips down towards the water, unlike Skåne's patchwork. Soon the rain let go and at Harads it was clear and nice air. A hilly landscape with marshland surrounded us, with hints of glittering water surface from the rivers we passed.

From Vuollerim we took aim at the community of the Arctic Circle and the railroad which via Nattavaara brought us to Gällivare. When we saw the Aitik mine and its large slag dust, we followed the road towards Svappavaara while we zig-zagged between new rain showers towards Kiruna.

After just over two hours we were back on the ground. So in the afternoon we have had time to visit the church, the station and the city hall. Next time we come here they have probably moved the whole city, which is seriously planned because of the mine's expansion.

It feels like our Akka flight is in a new phase, what we are experiencing is so powerful that there are not really words for it. So today we have shared our flying experience under greater silence and just enjoyed.

Question1 Which is Sweden's biggest city by size of surface?

2 What is the ski slope in Gällivare?

3 What is Sweden's highest mountain and how high is it?


30 August day 7 Kiruna - Lycksele


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Mon, August 30, 2020 7:21 PM

Hi Akka One Supporters!

What a wonderful start of the day, sun, calm and clear air! Great view of the mine and the mountains in the background from our window. But unfortunately, Kebnekajse was surrounded by clouds so there will be no mountain trip.

The goose Akka in the fairy tale continued to Kebne to eat up and get fat before the journey south. Ted and I did the same but filled our stomachs here in Kiruna. We flew a lap over the city before continuing on across the marshes. My safety-conscious pilot laid the route along the road or railroad. What endless landscape, bordered by mountains along the horizon, and almost no settlement!

We continued down to the dam Porjus and Stora Lule waters and passed over Jokkmokk and Arvidsjaur to Glommersträsk and reached our goal Lycksele after three hours. We flew in silence,it was overwhelming with sun, water glitter and huge expanses.

We received a royal reception in this nice city which is so beautiful.

Thanks for another great day!

Question 1 Yesterday we passed the village of the Arctic Circle, but we also passed the Arctic Circle today. Can you explain it?

2 Here is an indigenous population devoted to reindeer husbandry, which is it?

Question 3 Across which landscapes has Akka flown tod

August 31 day 8 Lycksele - Sveg


Created by Christina Hagelborg      tis, August 31, 2020 19:55

Good evening to you!

The weather forecast predicted rain and bad weather coming in from the mountains. After contact with the meteorologist, we got the recommendation to leave as soon as possible to avoid the rain. So we were up in the air at10.15 and started our journey in really gray weather south towards Sollefteå. The plains around us were endless wooded hills, some marshland and lakes and almost no settlement.

The rain was always just off the right wing and Ted had to correct the route during this stretch. In addition, we had a strong headwind today, which significantly extended flight time. Our Akka was flying at 80 knots through the air. Today it blew 20 knots headwind, which meant that Akka only flew at 60 knots, ~ 110 km per hour, over the ground. This meant that our time in the air was 3 hours.

The clouds were hanging right over us all the time, on some occasions we had clouds of clouds right next to us. Only at Ånge did the rain drop. Then we had 40 minutes left to reach our our goal, Sveg.

On the last stretch I caught green valleys with small communities, it looked so idyllic!

Question 1 What is the difference between mountains and mountains?

2 Härjedalen is the only landscape in Sweden that has this large mammalian. Which?

Describe the animal, preferably with a drawing!

3 What landscapes have we passed over today?



September 1 Day 9 Sveg - Sunne


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Wed, September 01, 2020 9:49 PM

Hello again!

What a wonderful day! We had a clear morning, sunshine and no wind, just what we longed for. Today the start was at10. 22 and the trip was calculated to 2 hours. Very desolate here too but all embedded in a friendly sunlight. Soon the lakes became more numerous, the hills all around were soft and green. We spotted more houses, often gathered on a southern slope towards a lake.

Shortly before Orsa we were amazed at the high golden-yellow marshes infinitely bordered by forest. We had reached Orsa Finnmark.

Siljan glimpsed and soon we flew over beautiful Mora, we were the first to finish this Vasalopp from above! Ted made a turn over Sollerön before continuing towards Malung. Wasn't there a leather chain that is named Malungsboden?

We took aim at Torsby, beautiful community this too. Wonder if Sven Göran Eriksson, the famuose coach is at home today?

Now we were not far from our airfield , we flew along Lake Fryken and approached Sunne. When Ted joined us on the canal it was an elderly lady who welcomed us to "the long lake, the rich plain and the blue mountains". Selma Lagerlöf, alias Ingrid Nermark, was there to welcome us. With her was Nils Holgersson, alias Carl Folmer Söderberg. Both were dressed just like in the fairy tale.

What a reception for Sunne's flying club!

Tomorrow we will stay on the ground, we are invited to give lectures in three schools and visit Mårbacka, the ancient home of Selma,excit

Question ; 1 Between which places isVasaloppet arranged?

2 How far is the race? 3 Which old swedish banknote is sometimes called "En Selma"?








September 2, day 10 Sun.


Created by Christina Hagelborg Thu      , September 02, 2020 9:37 PM


Today we have been in "fabulous Sunne" all day. This is wonderfully beautiful, just as Selma describes.

Ted left early to meet students at three different schools with student between 9 and 18. The students were very interested in flying and asked many questions.

There will probably be an overflow tomorrow before we move south.

In the afternoon we were picked up by our flying club friends and went to Mårbacka to see where our author grew up. We got a private tour of her home and new knowledge of Selma's life by our guide.

For example, we were told that there was a Nils Holgersson in reality. He was a poor but extremely talented boy who lived in Enköping. Selma became the boy's foster mother and was thus able to fund his education.

We asked the guide if she knew how Selma could know what the country looked like from above. She thought Selma's hikes up the heights around Sunne could have inspired her. You have miles of views from there.

We were shown around a beautiful home and it felt as if time stood still and the owner would soon show up to say hello.

Our visit today gave us real taste, now we really want to get to know our "project inspector".

Before returning to the hotel, we visited Selma Lagerlöf's grave in Ö. Ämtervik.

Tomorrow we move on.

Question 1 What is the landscape animal of Värmlands?

2 Which year did Selma Lagerlöf receive the Nobel Prize?

3 What's the name of the lake close to Sunne?






September 3 day 11 Sunne - Gothenburg / Säve


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Fri, September 03, 2020 6:50 pm

Hello all Akka One friends!

So I finally caught my moose - in the picture! Right after the start she stood there all alone, now the blogger can contribute a fauna question.

We flew along the western shore of Lake Vänern and passed Karlstad and Säffle. The lake is actually big as a sea. It was . In the valleys it was lush greenery, Dalsland makes reasons for its name, Land of valley.

At the height of Åmål we changed course and flew out to Fjällbacka on the coast. The closer we got, the more cliffs and mountains were seen among all the greenery. When we passed Fjällbacka we wondered if there was any new murder going on, as Camilla Läckberg, the author often has the action taking place here.

Now a region came, completely unlike anything we had seen before, Bohuslän's beautiful archipelago with bare rocky outcrops and in every bay small houses that stuck to the rock wall. And then jetties and boats everywhere. Can imagine that it can be quite large distances to the neighboring village even though they seem to be close to each other. Both mountains and water mean that you have to take a detour.

Today I took many photos, could not see me enough. Of course, the warm sun contributed. You will see here some of us selected.

Question 1 What animal is called the king of the animals?

2 In what landscape is Åmål located? Mention any more city in the same landscape.

3 Gothenburg has two airports. What are their names?



September 4 day 12 Gothenburg / Säve - Ljungbyhed


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Sat, September 04, 2020 8:29 PM

Hello Blog readers!

It feels a little sad that our journey is beginning to end, but we enjoy every second.

We took a morning sleep today and started at 13.30. The sun was shining and presaged a nice flight. We started with a glance at Gothenburg and just left Bohuslän. The landscape changed in character, still close to the sea, very fertile soil, the archipelago disappeared.

When we saw Ringhal's nuclear power plant, we realized that during our journey we saw all (?) Sweden's energy sources; hydropower in Norrland, wind power in several places and most recently nuclear power.

We now came to a landscape that I know that Selma Lagerlöv forgot in her book. It was a shame because here is a lot to look at. The towns along the coast are very beautiful with fine sandy beaches.

Back in Skåne again we found that everything seemed calm and quiet after the summer tennis tournament and tourist invasion in Båstad.

Now we steered the cage to the southeast with a view on Ljungbyhed where we ended the day's flight, but just at this place another story started 40 years ago. Guess which one?

Question 1 Which are the rivers in Halland ?

2 We flew over a ridge under which a railway tunnel is being built, which?

Question 3 Which European road have we followed from Gothenburg southbound?


September 5 day 13 Ljungbyhed Airshow


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Mon, September 06, 2020 5:40 PM

Hello all readers!

Airshow at Ljungbyhed, it evokes memories! 40 years ago Ted started his pilot training right here.

This morning we met the first frost of the trip, really crisp and clear in the air.

After briefing for all participants in the flight program, we prepared Akka. She had been given a place of honor! Just before entering, she was standing all by herself on the divergence plate. But she didn't have to be alone for long .....

This event had over 20000 visitors and it felt like most of them were visiting us and wanted to learn about our Akka project.

It was a wonderful day with many exciting human gatherings!

No questions today, day off, enjoy ?



6 September day 14 Ljungbyhed - Kristianstad / Everöd



Created by Christina Hagelborg      Mon, September 06, 2020 6:09 PM

Hello again!

Another sunny day met us on the way out to Akka. Today it would be a short flight down to Malmö to see V. Ingelstad's school the next day.

But sometimes it is not as you imagined. During the night, the impeller on the plane had leaked air so we had to start by looking for an air pump. We got enough air for the next flight but decided to go home to Everöd for safety. We weren't sure to be able to get new air in Malmö.

It was probably 10 o'clock when we eased in sight at Kristianstad Airport. I was surprised that we have so much forest here too.This forest seemed to be planted, the firs stood in "pay heed", close together. Also with many elements of deciduous trees.

At Finjasjön we passed Hovdala castle and the heath landscape all around. We continued towards Kristianstad with its characteristic patchwork-like landscape.

We approached the airport and were escorted by a buddy plane on the way.

After a nice landing on the grass, we had time to look at flowers and clap cows while the spore wheel was checked before heading into the club.

Thanks for today, Akka sleeps in her own hangar tonight and crew in our own beds.

Tomorrow we will go to V. Ingelstad to finish the 2010 Akka One project.

Question 1 What were the "freedom fighters" that used to exist at Hovdala Castle in the 17th century?

Question2 What is the name of the landscapeflower of Skåne?















September 7 th day 15 West Ingelstad


Created by Christina Hagelborg      Wed, September 08, 2020 10:30 am

Hello and goodbye!

Today we left early, after all it takes a little longer by car than with Akka One. The Nils Holgersson monument outside V. Vemmenhög reminded us that this is where the fairy tale began.

Class 4a had become 5a during the summer and probably they looked a little older. Wonderful to be met by happy children with an equally happy teacher, all dressed in Akka One supporter jerseys. But now we were in a hurry, cakes would be fixed, the dining room would be remodeled to the assembly room and the schoolwork refined.

At 9am everything was ready and grade 4 -6 benched for "Grande Finale". Akka One Crew was a modest part of the report. 5a told about the muskoxen, this large animal that lives freely in Härjedalen and the audience had to answer questions that the students prepared.

In the middle of the report, we are interrupted by a terrible crackling, a white big flapping goose's run into the hall. This is Mårten himself, from Nils Holgersson theatre society, that surprises us. With him he has Selma Lagerlöf, a more subdued little harsh lady. There was a lot of laughter for all of us.

Celebration and presentation of work continued in the classroom. We were served cake, beautifully decorated with a kind grandma's Akka One logo in the marzipan. Then we were offered a brilliant presentation of the students.

Then it was time for farewell hugs with all the wonderful children.

It feels a little sad that the Akka One 2010 project is now completed but at the same time very good.

We hope this is not an end, but the beginning of something new.

With our Akka One 2010 trip, Ted and I want to inspire:

* to enjoy our beautiful country

* to be aware of our nature and ta care of it.

* to take advantage of the cultural treasure Selma Lagerlöf gives us by reading the story of Nils

* to dare to create your own adventure on a small or large scale

Warmest regards Christina and Ted


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